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Lightwater get off to a flying start to the season

Lightwater get off to a flying start to the season

By oliver kenworthy
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After a strong finish in the pre season tournament, the salmons keep up the pressure

A rallied and strong Lightwater side came together to put together a great performance against Guildford, a late change as Weydbridge unfortunately had to rearrange.

Lightwater who were luckily enough to have a strong starting lineup and having a bench full of strong finishers, found themselves real momentum with a turnover from the first kick off and kept up the pressure from the first moment.

After a hard fought first half that saw the Salmon’s great patience both in attack and defence. It was from great build up play that saw the one and only biggus going over the whitewash for his first bit of meat for the season. The quimmmister then lined up and slotted the conversion to take the score line to 7-0 lead.

Lightwater got back into a commanding field position and controlled play. Guildford continued to apply pressure with the big carrying forwards before spreading the ball wide to their nimble and agile backs. The well drilled defence and the line speed of Lightwater kept them out.

A few promising counter attacks by the likes of Hugh, Gorgeous George and Quimm were unfortunately shut down, but forever showing promising signs for the remainder of the season.

As the game built, spectators flocked to the ground to show their support for both teams, the most noticeable of which were the dementors who flocked to watch the Dark Lord with banners and chants to go with.

The 1st half continued to provide a close competition with Josh converting an additional penalty. However the salmons went down to 14 men for a 10 minute period as Josh Young’s was shown his first ever yellow card in his career for a very solid tackle that was deemed dangerous in some eyes.

Halftime 10-0 Lightwater

After a few substitutions at half time, Lightwater came back on to the pitch and continued to apply the pressure by converting another penalty to secure a 13-0 lead.

The men in green then started to get on the wrong side of the penalty count, Guildford putting immense pressure on us in their attack and with a Fijian style of rugby taking hold, their off loading game came strong and started to find holes in the defence.

This pressure then lead to Guildford getting over the line scoring their first try of the game but we’re unfortunate not to convert.

The game then started to come in to full flow with the substitutions which allowed for our overly joyous South Africa’s to from a partnership after the woes of losing to Japan four years ago have now been passed on to our Irish friends. Surrey’s quickest winger was also substituted on but unfortunately the only side stepping he managed to pull of was that of the card machine at the bar afterwards.

Lightwater kept up the pressure and were lucky enough to slot another penalty to increase the lead to 16-5.

As the game came to the end, Guildford did not want to go down without a fight and put a series of strong phases together and out the Salmons under the cosh. In the dying moments of the game, Guildford went under the posts for their 2nd try of the game which was later converted.

Full time 16-12

Lightwater and Guildford have now played each other three times with 1 win each and a Draw. This rivalry is growing into what could become a cracker for many more years.

Great performance from all involved, with players filling in out of position but all stepping up and playing hard for the first game of the season.

Man Of The Match Lord Quiffington
Dick of the day Josh Young

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